What We Look For During an Onboarding Call

Lenore Sterner
June 6, 2023

When we do our onboarding call with a creator, what are we looking for?

Once we connect with a creator that meets our initial criteria, we schedule an onboarding meeting so that we can get to know each other. During that meeting, we are evaluating the creator to see if they would be a good fit for the brands that we work with and overall a good fit to be on our roster. Read on to find out about the criteria we use to find creators that really stick!

1. Responsive

Deals are often made quickly, so we want to work with creators who prioritize communication. We want to work with people who communicate clearly, kindly, and fast through email and text messages. That way, when a sponsorship opportunity comes along, we can quickly get in touch to make it happen! 

Likewise, our creators can reach us at any time via call/text – we’re here when things come up, even outside of normal business hours! 

2. Flexible on Rates

When creating a partnership, we’re not looking for the highest nor the lowest price, but rather the right price which will make both the creator & brand happy, and give the campaign the highest chance of success. After all, our goal is to lock in longer-term opportunities, and when our creators give us a little wiggle room on pricing, that helps a lot. 

3. Enthusiastic about Working with Sponsors

If a creator doesn’t want to work with sponsors, why bother? It isn’t worth the time! We want to work with creators who are enthusiastic and excited to try products and craft genuine sponsored ad integrations. When the creator is enthusiastic, their audience will respond much better to their ad.

4. Picky about who they will work with

Enthusiastic doesn’t mean that they’ll work with just anyone. We want creators who are genuine and authentic with their ad integrations, and if a creator agrees to work with a brand they do not actually enjoy, that’s going to show through! The creators who are picky and only take deals from brands that align with what they and their audience are interested in have the most success with sponsorships. We love when creators ask to try the products before recommending to their audience, as it shows they value their relationship with their audience and understand their influence. 

5. Long Term Mindset

Sometimes, a channel has to prove themselves in the first ad to get a renewal. We want creators who understand this, and who are thinking longer term. This might mean making the ad 2-3 minutes rather than 1 minute, giving an extra shoutout on their IG story, or making sure it gets placed into a large video. We love to work with creators who want to work with brands they like for the long term and develop a sticky relationship with them. 

After all, Adhesive Media is the glue between creators and the brands they love.

Let’s work together.