We connect creators with brands you can’t wait to work with. How do we know? Because we take the time to get to know you.

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How we work.

➊ We get to know you and your goals for brand partnerships.
➋ We match you with sponsors that you’re excited to work with.
➌ We handle all the negotiation & contracting.
➍ We send you talking points and help you make the ad.
➎ You film and we get the ad approved.
➏ You publish and we get you paid.

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1. Onboarding Call:

Schedule an onboarding call here. On the call, you’ll meet our founder Brandon. He’ll share more info about how we work, ask you questions about your channel & audience, and discuss rates.

Most importantly, you’ll collaborate on narrowing down a list of sponsors to reach out to — we usually start with around 50 brands, and narrow it to 5-7.

2. Custom Sponsor Outreach:

After the call, we’ll reach out to the initial list of sponsors. We also suggest your channel to any of the new sponsors we work with on a weekly basis.

3. Transparent Negotiation:

We’ll negotiate with interested sponsors in order to provide the fairest rate to both parties. We’ll keep you updated the whole time.

4. Deal Summary & Client Portal:

Once we get a fair offer from the brand and you give us final approval, we’ll create the contract & seal the deal. You’ll get an email with all the details about the ad, which you can also access through your client portal.

5. Ad Creation:

You film the ad using the copy and brand assets the sponsor provides. We’ll help you work through any revisions and get it approved.

6. Going Live, Getting Paid:

Once your video goes live, we’ll notify the sponsor and send them an invoice. We’ll follow up with them to make sure that payment is timely. Once we get paid, payout is auto-sent your way.

7. Ongoing Relationships:

We’ll follow up with the sponsor a month later to see if the ad performed well, and if it does, we’ll get more spots on the books! We’ll also keep feeding you deals with new brands that we connect with, and are happy to reach out to additional brands on your behalf.


Am I locked into an exclusive contract?

No. We only use non-exclusive contracts, and work solely on commission. We chose this model after hearing creators’ frustrations with being lured into exclusive contracts with managers that don’t end up delivering on their promises.

How long does onboarding take?

The initial call takes about 15 minutes. After that, we’ll ask you to provide your audience demos and sign our agreement. Once you send that back, we start selling!

How do you source deals for my channel?

Most initial deals are sourced through our existing network of 50+ of the largest YouTube advertisers. We’re constantly adding to our roster, and are happy to reach out and negotiate on your behalf with other brands you love.

Where are you located?

We’re in Los Angeles, CA. When you’re in town, lunch is on us!

What does a sponsored ad read look like?

In the middle of your video you’ll talk about a brand for 1-2 minutes and recommend their product(s) to your audience. Check out this blog post on what makes a good ad read!

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